Who We Are

This website began as a collaboration between myself (Eugene Vandal) and Arnold Devlin, back in the fall of 2004. Arnold and I made our acquaintances through the Thunder Bay Cycling Club during the 2002 cycling season. Because of our common interests in cycling, we immediately became good friends. Over the next two years, Arnold introduced to me many of his other cycling interests, one of them being six day racing. I'd heard about 6 day racing from reading Bicycling Magazine and Winning Magazine back in the mid 80's, but never really got into it.

The job that Arnold did for a living (administration) meant he always had his nose digging around in books. This was also what he did in his spare time, acquiring cycling stats, figures and material. He was a real pack rat when it came to collecting information. His real home in Quebec and his part time home, here in Thunder Bay, were cluttered with booksshelves full of resource material for his job and his love of cycling.

Eventually, Arnold got me interested in six day racing. It wasn't long before the two us decided to start a website, pertaining to Canadian and American six day racing. During some of Arnold's digging around, he found out about an old six day rider who raced here in Ontario back in the 1930's. This really kicked off the (6dayracing) site. It wasn't long before Arnold rounded up more information on different Canadian And American riders.

One of our more important resource people (in the beginning) was the daughter of Freddie Schultz, who still lives in California. She sent us quite a lot of information regarding her father and also got us in contact with other six day rider family members. When Arnold and I went to the Gent 6 in 2005, we met a fellow (Steve Penny) from the Uk who had been going to that event for quite a number of years. Steve eventually became a reporter for us, emailing us quality reports on the Gent and Berlin sixes, every year.

Arnold moved out of town in the spring of 2007, so the two of us contacted and transferred material through email. We were constantly in touch with one another, Arnold finding and sending new resource material, and me editing and creating the new pages for the site. We did this for a good year, until I received a call one morning from Arnold's daughter that Arnold had suddenly passed away at his home in Sudbury. Arnold loved cycing, and I think he'd be proud to know that this site is still growing, even though it's happening slower than before.