1933 Newspaper Articles

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January 20, 1933 - Reno Evening Gazette

Six-Day Racers Go To Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Jan. 20 (AP) -- Bicycle racing returns to Cleveland tonight for the first time in three decades.

Fourteen two-man teams at 9 p.m. will start the long six-day grind of some 2400 miles. The race ends next Thusday night.

Forty-eight-year-old1 Reggie McNamara, winner of eighteen siz-day races, will appear in his eighty-ninth race. Norman Hill of San Jose, Calf., a competative youngster in the bicycle racing business, will be his new partner.

William (Torchy) Peden, who shares with McNamara the role of favourite, is due in New York on the Bremen this afternoon from a hurry-up trip from Europe to fulfill a contract to appear in the race. He will rush from the dock to Newark, N.J. and come by airplane to Cleveland. With Jules Audy, Peden will represent Canada.

The list of teams entered follows:

American -- Reggie McNamara-Norman Hill
Canadian -- William (Torchy) Peden-Jules Audy
Swiss -- Saveer Van Slambrouck-Freddie Zach
German -- Charles Winter-Dave Lands
Irish-American -- Waldorf McClay-Jack Sheehan
Belgian -- Rene Boogmans-Marcel Boogmans
French -- Felix Lefenetre-Henri Lepage
Australian -- Cecil Walker-Laurent Gadou
English -- Harris Horder-Tony Beckman
Italian -- Fioravanti Baggio-Mike Defilippo
Hungarian -- Archie Bolond-Charles Bonati
Polish -- Steve Orzulak-Harvey Black
American -- Frank Keating-Willie Grimm

1 Reggie was actually born on Nov. 7, 1887 making him only 46 years old.

February 8, 1933 - Reno Evening Gazette

Will Revive Bike Racing

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 8 (AP) -- Marathon bicycle racing will be revived in St. Louis tonight, after the lapse of a quarter century, when twelve teams face the starter's flag for the international six-day grind in the coliseum.

Twelve nations will be repressented in the bike marathon. The team of Reggie McNamara of Newark, N.J., and Laurent Gadou, New York City, will carry the colours of the United States. Harry Horan, Newark, N.J., and Lew Elder, Toronto, Canada, are entered as an all-Irish team and Polly Parrott, Ireland, and Lew Rush, Canada, as an Irish-Canadian team.

A Canadian-French team will be William "Torchy" Peden, of Victoria, B.C., and Henri Lepage, Montreal. Teams representing England, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland also are entered.

April 15, 1933 - Winnipeg Free Press

Montreal Bike Racers Prepare

Big Event Starts One Minute Past Midnight Monday Morning

Montreal, April 15 (Canadian Press Dispatch) -- With an ever increasing number of Canadian-bred riders, the eight ssemi-annual six-day bicycle race will get under way here at one minute past midnight Monday morning.

From then until 11 p.m. Saturday night, jams,sprints and accidents will add therir quota to one of sportdom's most colorful events.

For the first time in Canada, the crack "Red devil" team of Alfred Letourner and Gerard debaets, winners within the last few weeks of the New York and Chicago races, will compete.

This pair will enter the race as favorites over the Canadian team of William "Torchy" Peden, Victoria, B.C., giant and Laurent Gadou, Montreal. Canada's contribution to the field in addition to Peden and Gadou, includes Henri Lepage and Jules Audy both of Montreal; Reggie Fielding, Toronto, and Freddie Zach, Verdun, Que., "Polly" Parrott and Lew Rush, both of Victoria; and "Stonewall" Jackson, Canadian rider from Victoria, who is paired with Otto Petri, Germany.

April 21, 1933 - Winnipeg Free Press

Letourner-Debaets Jump to Fore in Montreal Event--Peden Team in Second Place

(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, April 21 (AP) -- Experience triumphed over youth as the world-famous Red Devils, Alfred Letourner and Gerard Debaets swept into leadership of the six-day bicycle race here this morning. At 1 o'clock Letourner and his partner enjoyed a lead of one lap, with the fifth day just starting.

A night of brilliant riding in which the Red Devils showed fine track generalship was climaxed when they took their lead over William "Torchy" Pede, steel-legged rider from Victoria, and Laurent Gadou, Montreal.

Peden and his partner gave indication of enough reserve to give the leaders a tough struggle today and tonight for the honor and substantial advantage of going into the last day of racing witha lead of one lap or more.

Three teams were deadlocked for third place after the sustained jamming in which the veterans went to the top. They were Crossley-Bartell, United States: Lepage-Audy, Montreal, and Parrott-Rush, Victoria.

A prize of $100 put up by a brewing company for supremacy in the 9 p.m. sprints last night called forth Peden's best effort and he won the money by taking four of the ten sprints, more than any other rider.

Reggie Fielding, Toronto, and Freddie Zach, Verdun, were forced out at midnight.

April 21, 1933 - Ironwood Daily Globe

French Cyclists Lead 6-Day Race

Montreal, April 21 (AP) -- Class began to tell in the Montreal six-day bicycle race today and Gerard Debaets and Alfred Letourner, the favored French team, pulled into a one-lap lead over the field with William (Torchy) Peden and Laurent Gadou in second place. Those two teams were picked to fight it out before the race began Sunday.

The grind continued close from top to bottom, however, with only seven laps separating the Frenchmen from the trailing pair of Baggio and Thomas, who are in last place with 1769 miles, 3 laps and 202 points.

April 22, 1933 - Ironwood Daily Globe

Bicycle Race Nears Finish

Montreal, April 21 (AP) -- A blazing finish was in prospect for the six-day bicycle race today as the grind neared its end with five teams deadlocked for first place and another only one lap further back.

William (Torchy) Peden and his Canadian partner Laurent Gadou, were the nominal leaders with more points than the other four combinations tied with them in laps and points. The leaders had covered 2199 miles and six laps at 8 a.m.

The standings:
			Miles	Laps	Pts.
Peden-Gadou		2199	6	403
Crossley-Bartell	2199	6	342
Lepage-Audy		2199	6	333
Parrott-Rush		2199	6	261
Letourner-Debaets	2199	6	203
Putzfeld-Stubecke	2199	5	249
Reboli-Saetta		2198	9	313
Baggio-Thomas		2198	7	279

April 24, 1933 - Winnipeg Free Press

French Bicycle Team Triumphs

Letourner and Debaets Cop First Place in Montreal Six-Day Grind
Montreal, April 21 (AP) -- The "Red Devils" of six-day bicycle racing fame, Alfred Letourner and Gerard Debaets of France, last night had added a victory in Montreal's wooden bowl to their recent triumphs in Chicago and New York.

Stamping themselves as the best pair in the race, the Red Devils, Sssaturday night, broke away from a five-team tie for first place and when the final gun was fired at 11:30 p.m., they held a two lap lead over two teams tied for second place in distance. The winners covered 2,493 miles, seven laps.

Gianr "Torchy" Peden, the former Olympic rider from Victoria, B.C., who won four straight races on Montreal tracks, placed second with his young partner, Laurent Gadou, of Montreal. Peden and Gadou scored the highest number of sprint points, 1,151, and took second place over the German pair of Hans Putzfeld and Bernard Stubecke, who had covered the same distance but amassed only 410 points. Both teams went 2,493 miles, five laps.

Only six teams finished the race, two being eliminated during the final hour for faulty pick-ups. The pairs ejected for failing to make good contacts in relieving partners were the Italians, Rebolli and Saetta, and Baggio and Thomas.

Other finishers were grouped one lap behind the second place teams. Al Crossley, Boston, and Frank Bartell, Newark, took fourth place with 923 sprint points. Polly Parrott and Lew Rush, youngsters from Victoria, fifth with 844 and sixth and last place went to the Montrealers, Henry(sp?) Lepage and Jules Audy, who scored 585 points.

April 25, 1933

Peden and Audy Win Montreal Bike Race

Montreal, April 25 (Canadian Press Despatch) -- Taking a one lap lead at the beginning of the final hour, Torchy Peden, red-headed giant from Victoria, B.C., and Jules Audy, his nineteen-year-old Montreal partner, pedalled thier way to victory in Montreal's sixth semi-annual six-day bicycle race Saturday night as they fought off the desperate challenge of the team of Alfred Letourner, Paris, and Henri Lepage, Montreal, before a crowd of 10,000. Letourner and Lepage finished the 143-hour grind in second position, a lap behind Peden and Audy.

It was the most spectacular last hour finish in Montreal's short six-day bicycle history with the peden-Audy and Letourner-Lepage teams providing the fireworks. The brilliant riding of the French "red devil," Letourner, and Lepage, could not overcome the one-lap lead of the piston-like legs of the big westerner and Audy. Although both Letourner and Audy crashed into the infield of the pine saucer, they came back courageously with just as much speed as ever.

Great Finish
At the start of the last hour of the race, Peden and Audy, Letourner and Lepage and the Ltalian team of Tony Schaller and Fioraventi Baggio were all tied in second place, a lap behind the Montreal team of Freddie Zach and Larent Gadou. But before four of the final-hour sprints had been decided, Peden and Audy had lapped the field three times to take a lead they held until the finishing gun sounded.

Letourner and Lapage set a dazzling pace as they tried in vain to catch the speeding Peden and Audy. Each time they lapped the field Peden and Audy were right behind and gained a lap as well. Near the end of the race both teams lapped the field four times and the other contenders could not cope with the pace and as a result at the end of the race, Reggie Fielding, of Toronto, and Slaveer Van Slambrouck, the closest of the other teams, were three laps behind the winners.

The team of Bernard Stubecke, Germany, and Marultz Declerck, Belgium, dropped out of the grind five hours before the end.

The Final Standings

				Miles		Pts.
1. Peden-Audy			2,317.4		1,013
2. Letourner-Lepage		2,317.3		758
3. Fielding-Van Slambrouck	2,317.1		644
4. McNamara-Horan		2,317.0		975
5. Crossley-Bartell		2,316.9		876
6. Baggio-Schaller		2,316.9		212
7. Zach-Gadou			2,316.8		304
8. Boogmans-Boogmans		2,316.6		289

May 1, 1933 - Winnipeg Free Press


Toronto, May 1 (Canadian Press Despatch) -- Twenty-six cycling stars of international repute were sent away shortly after midnight on their endurance tour of the huge wooden saucer in Toronto's first six-day bike grind in 1933.

The Teams
"Torchy" Peden, Victoria, and Jules Audy, Montreal; Henri Lepage, Montreal, and Pete Van Kempen, Holland; Hans Crutzfeld and Bernard Stubecke, Germany; Lew Rush, British Columbia, and Bobby Thomas, Wisconcin; Stonewall Jackson, Toronto, and Max Hurley, Toronto; Al Crossley, New Beford, Mass., and Frank Bartell, Newark, N.J.; Alfred Letourner, France, and Gerard debaets, Belgium; Teno Riboli, Italy, and Bratte, Italy; Freddy Zach, Switzerland, and Saveer Van Slambrouck, Belgium; Polly Parrott, Ireland, and Lew Elder, Ireland; Reggie Fielding, Toronto, and Harry Horan, Newark, N.J.; Tom Saetta, Italy, and Fred Ottevaire, Belgium; Otto Petri, Germany, and Laurent Gadou, Montreal.

Oct. 11, 1933 - Syracuse Herald & Oakland Tribune

Gadou-Bartell Bike Team Leads Race

Montreal, Oct. 11 (AP) -- Aafter a night of riding which had the scoreers dizzy recording stolen laps, the team of Laurent Gadou, of Montreal, and Frank Bartell, his Czechoslovakian partner, today led the Montreal six-day bicycle race by a single lap.

Oct. 16, 1933 - Winnipeg Free Press

Youngsters Win Bicycle Grind

Laurent Gadou and Frank Bartell Score Surprise Win in Montreal Race
Montreal, Oct. 16 (Canadian Press Despatch) -- Two young riders Sunday held a surprise victory in Montreal's ninth semi-annual six-day bicycle race.

They were Laurent Gadou, Montreal, and Frank Bartell, Czechoslovakia, who came from behind Saturday night to grab and hold a lead of a single lap over four other temas. The fifth and sixth teams to finish were two more laps behind.

While the temas of Piet Van Kempen, Holland, and Polly Parrott, Victoria, B.C.; Torchy Peden, Victoria, and Jules Audy, Montreal; Letourner, France, and Henri Lepage, Montreal, were struggling for top position, the youthful winners stole a march on the field to take the lead.

But the drama of the final hour was centered about a fall by Van Kempen, his first in the race. His team was tied with Gadou and Bartell in distances, holding a sufficient margin of sprint points to ensure victory. But Peden and Audy started a desperate attempt for the tying lap and had almost secured the needed circuit to draw up level in distance and ahead on points. Suddenly Van Kempem went down, the race stopped and Peden and Audy lost their chance to gain the lap.

The Final Standings

			Miles	Laps	Pts.
1. Gadou-Bartell	2,468	5	401
2. Peden-Audy		2,468	4	1320
3. Letourner-Lepage	2,468	4	125
4. Van Kempen-Parrott	2,468	4	817
5. Gachon-Ottevaire	2,468	4	346
6. Fielding-McDonald	2,468	2	802

Oct. 27, 1933 - Winnipeg Free Press

New Leaders In 6-Day Bike Race

Montreal, Oct. 27 -- "Polly" Parrott and Zenot St. Laurent last night swarmed into the lead as Toronto's six-day bicycle race reached its 94th hour, displacing Albert Letourner and Henri Lepage. In third place rode Tom Saetta and Laurent Gadou.

The Standings at 10 o'clock was:

			Miles	Laps	Pts.
Parrott-St. Laurent	1622	3	523
Letourner-Lepage	1622	3	285
Saetta-Gadou		1622	3	209
Peden-Fielding		1622	2	425
Van Kempen-Audy		1622	2	384
Hurley-Bartell		1622	1	274
Horan-Smith		1621	8	247
Rush-Beckman		1621	7	456