Berlin Night (5) Monday

by Steve Penny
British 6-Day Correspondent
Berlin, DE
01 February 2011

Bartko / Kluge on top setting up Grandstand finish

After a fairly uneventful Sunday afternoon Monday nights racing saw the battle really intensify in this the 100th Berlin Six Day. On top of the standings are local favourites Robert Bartko and Roger Kluge, but hot on their heels are the Danes Alex Rasmussen and Michael Morkov. Both these teams gained bonus laps on Monday but the two teams behind them are still very much in the hunt. In 3rd are Franco Marvulli and Danilo Hondo followed by world Champions Leigh Howard and Cameron Meyer from Australia. If both these teams reach 200 points before Tuesdays final Madison, and that looks likely, they will in effect hold a clear lap lead. Whether or not that will be enough if the German and Danish teams really go on the attack remains to be seen. Either way the organisation will be pleased that they have four strong teams still in with a great chance of the prestigious victory.

Standings at 01.38 - Tuesday 01 February 2011:

1.	Bartko – Kluge			247 points
2.	Rasmussen – Mörköv	222 
3.	Hondo – Marvulli			187
4.	Howard – Meyer			177
5.	Stam - Schep			121
at 2 laps
6.	Lampater – Grasmann	117
7.	Bengsch - Kalz			109
at 3 laps:
8.	De Ketele – Mertens	 	  94
at 6 laps
9.	Blaha – Hochmann		  52
10.	Barth – Mohs		 	159
11.	Thomel – Muller			111
at 9 laps: 
12.	Hester – Madsen			  87