Golden Night (3) Saturday

by Steve Penny
British 6-Day Correspondent
Berlin, DE
29 January 2012

The 101st Berliner Sechstage Rennen started on Thursday and according to reports the crowds have been down a little on last night. On the track big gaps have already appeared as the top 5 teams have started the fight that will conclude in the final hour long Madison on Tuesday night. In his last German Six, Danny Stam is out of the running as his partner Peter Schep fell breaking his collarbone on the opening night. That’s a shame for Schep of course, but also for the race, as he and Stam would have expected to be among the leaders.

Standings at 1.39 a.m. 28 January 2012:

1.	Keisse - de Ketele (Bel) 	 		86 points
at 1 lap:
2.	Marvulli – Dillier					93
3.	Howard – Meyer					90
4.	Bengsch - Kalz					86
5.	Lampater - Kluge					81
at 2 laps:
6.	Barth - Mohs						43				
at 5 laps:
7.	Graf - Müller						15
at 6 laps
8.	Bommel – Mertens				46
9.	Matzka - Reinhardt				20
at 7 laps:
10.	Ratajczyk – Aeschbach			30
11.	Blaha – Hochmann				  7
at 9 laps:
12.	Schroder - Thömel				19
13.	Masotti (Ita) – Angelo Ciccone		17
14.	Huff – Simes						 9	
at 10 laps:
15. 	Stam – Schep					10
at 12 laps:
16.	Kaikow – Krasnow				  3

As expected the Australian World Madison Champions Meyer and Howard are going well as are the Belgians Iljo Keisse and Kenny de Ketele, looking for their first Six-day win together, local favourites Kluge - Lampater and fellow Germans Kalz – Bengsch. The dark horses may well be Franco Marvulli and his talented 21 year old Swiss partner Silvan Dillier.

Saturdays Racing

To confirm again first hand, the crowds are down but they are still out in force and when it matters, and they definitely are still making themselves heard!!! (The noise was actually quite deafening at times when the Germans were breaking for laps during the madison events. - Eugene)

After the traditional leg stretching point’s race the riders went straight into a 30 minute Madison which was the first of two chases tonight. To the delight of the home crowd the winners were the German champions, Marcel Kalz and Robert Bengsch. The win took them to the top of the standings a few points ahead of Keisse / de Ketele and a full lap clear of more favoured teams, Lampater / Kluge and Howard / Meyer. After showing well in the first two or three days in 2009, 2010 and 2011 the Berlin pair have faded towards the end of the six days. This year they’ll be looking to stay competitive and go for the victory on Tuesday night.

The Derny racing is not as popular here as it is at my other Six in Ghent, but it remains very much part of any Six-day race. Tonight they kicked off with a popular win for Roger Kluge.

The Team Elimination race, (or Devil as its known in English speaking in cycling circles) saw the young Germans Ralf Matzka and Theo Reinhardt take a morale-boosting win in front of their capital city fans.

The big chase of the night was a 45 minute Madison. The closing laps brought the volume of the crowd to a peak as Kluge – Lampater took a double lap with around 10 minutes to race. Within the closing laps, Howard - Meyer and Marvulli – Dillier tried desperately to get that lap back. The Aussies conceded with about a lap to go, but Dillier kept trying all the way to the finish and failed to make the junction, missing out by a few metres.

The win took the local matadors Kluge and Lampater back to the top of the leader board as Saturday night entered Sunday morning.

Official Standings at 1:40 - Saturday 29/01:

1.	Keisse - de Ketele				137 points
2.	Lampater - Kluge					136
3.	Bengsch - Kalz					131
at 1 lap:
4.	Marvulli –Dillier					138
5.	Howard – Meyer					123
at 5 laps:
6.	Barth - Mohs						51				
at 8 laps:
7.	Graf - Müller						17
at 9 laps
8.	Bommel – Mertens				65
at 10 laps:
9.	Matzka - Reinhardt				53
at 11 laps:
10.	Ratajczyk – Aeschbach			45
at 12 laps:
11.	Blaha – Stam					16
at 13 laps:
12.	Masotti (Ita) – Angelo Ciccone		27
13.	Schroder - Thömel				26
14.	Huff – Simes						20	
at 18 laps:
16.	Kaikow – Krasnow				  9
neutralized: Peter Schep (Ned), Jiri Hochmann (Cze)