Canadian Velodrome List

  1. Dieppe, New Brunswick: Velodrome Caisse populaire Dieppe (2001) 250 meters, 38.9, degrees corners, wood.
  2. St-Augustin, Quebec: Le Velodrome Louis Garneau (2001), 200 meters, 50 degree corners, wood. This track was designed by Peter Junek and originally constructed in 1995 at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.
  3. Bromont, Quebec: National Cycling Centre Velodrome, 1996, 200 meters, wood.
  4. London, Ontario: Forest City Velodrome, 2005, 138 meters, 50 degrees in the curves, wood. Indoor velodrome
  5. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Pan Am Games Velodrome (1999), 250 meters, wood. Peter Junek design. Sold to the City of Albuquerque. Presently in a warehouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  6. Calgary, Alberta: Glenmore Velodrome (1975) 400 meters, concrete, 30 degree in the corners
  7. Edmonton, Alberta: Argyll Velodrome (1977) 333 meters, cement. 37 degrees in the turns.
  8. Burnaby, British Columbia: Harry Jerome Velodrome, 200 meters, 47.5 degrees in the turns, wood, Indoor Velodrome.
  9. Victoria, British Columbia: Juan de Fuca Velodrome, 333.3 meters, 28 degrees in the corners, concrete.