Albert Crossley was born on July 6th, 1903 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Albert was a skilled bike racer and was soon winning amateur bike races at the outdoor tracks in New England and New York. In 1929, he started six-day racing at the age of 21 and completed 12 years as a professional six-day racer. During his career he started 89 six-day races, completing 78 and abandoning (DNF) 11.

In the Historical Classification of Six-Day Racers, by Jacq van Reijendam - 2007, Albert Crossley is placed in 45th position with 10 victories, 15 seconds, 17 thirds and 16 times in fourth. The only American six-day racer ahead of Crossley on the All-Time List is Jimmy Walthour in 44th place.