Flashy Montreal 6-day Racer (1906-1959)

Henri Lepage was a Parisian born 6-day racer that made Montreal his home. He started his cycling career as a road cyclist entering local races in the Montreal area. In October 1929, at 23 years old, Henri made his six-day debut at the first Montreal 6-day race partnering with the Belgian rider Rene Boogmans.

Henri was a very showy racer who was a crowd favorite because of his good looks and flashy riding. The media nicknamed him the "Black-haired Adonis" and the "Beau Brummel" of cycling. He was also very adept as a sprinter and had excellent bike handing skills.

Throughout his 6-day career, Lepage participated in 64 six-day races winning ten events between 1929-1938. He finished 54 events, abandoning only 10 times. Henri LePage is ranked 64th on the All-Time Historical 6-day Racer List (Jacq van Reijendam - Breda - NL, April 2005) with 10 first place wins,10 second place finishes, 8 thirds and 8 fourth placings.

Lepage regularly partnered with some of the Canadian 6-day superstars, such as Jules Audy, 13 times and William "Torchy" Peden 10 times. There seemed to have been a special magic when Torchy Peden and LePage got together as a combination. In total they won 5 six-day races. Lepage was also partnered 7 times with the famous French 6-day star Alfred "Red Devil" Letourneur. They were victorious at the 1933 Montreal (B) six-day race.

In his hometown of Montreal Lepage raced in 15 six-day races. He was idolized as a hero in Montreal. In total Henri raced in 25 Canadian 6-day races: in Montreal (15), Toronto (9), and Vancouver (1). Lepage raced 37 times in the USA in 13 different cities. He raced in Chicago 3 times and twice at the centre of six-day racing Madison Square Garden in New York City. Both Chicago and New York were the two venues that paid the racers the highest fees in the world. Every six-day racer desired to appear at Madison Square Garden. It was not uncommon for celebrities and politicians to offer $200 as a premium for a sprint race.

Henri won the Canadian Track Championship in 1930 and 1931. He was inducted into the Federation Quebecoise des Sport Cyclistes (FQSC) "Temple de la Renommee" in 1986. Henri Lepage died in 1959 at the age of 53.

Henri Lepage is ranked third on the Canadian Six-Day Racer List.

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